09 June 15 - Fund raising

PJ Leisure Bouncy Castles will be providing bouncy castles and inflatable slides for many of the Schools in the Manchester and Salford area over the next six weeks starting with Bowker Vale Primary school next Tuesday 9th June 2015. Providing inflatables for schools Free of charge helps many schools raise much needed funds for school facilities for the children. Listed below are some ideas PJ Leisure have put together for PTA members to think about that might just help raise more funds.

DIY photo booth: get a wallpaper type backdrop with a design you like, this can be hung on a wall or frame. Position a camera on a tripod about 2.5 to 3m from your backdrop. Assign a helper to man the photo booth and to be in charge of snapping photos. To make it more fun, prepare some props like a chalk board, empty picture frames, funny wigs, glasses, or hats. You can print and sell on the spot or hook up to a laptop to email photos directly to families.

Lego model competition: a bucket of Lego and 5 minutes of creativity, a moment of peace and concentration for the kids and an opportunity for parents to queue for their burgers. You can set a theme or ask them to build the best model they can imagine. To save on Lego take photos and announce the winner at the end of the afternoon.

Lucky bucket: a bucket, a volunteer and some sticky labels is all that's required. People get the chance to win a share of the money in the bucket by labeling a pound and dropping it in. At the end of the fair a coin is pulled out and winners announced with a percentage share being kept for the PTA. A roving activity which is a great money earner.

This is a really simple fundraiser that is very easy to set up and run. The best ideas always are!

A number of pots are filled with sand.In some a coin or small prize is placed in the bottom before the sand is added so that it is completely hidden.

People then choose a pot of sand which they pour through a garden riddle / sieve.
If they are lucky the prize will be revealed.
If not " Oh well they can always buy another pot!"

This is a really good fundraising idea borrowed from the garage forecourt where salesmen sometimes use a similar idea as a marketing gimmick.
A car is filled with balloons.
People pay to guess the number of balloons in the car. Closest guess wins a prize.

Its even better if it belongs to someone well known such as The Head Teacher / The Local Priest / Police Officer. Or how about filling the team mini-bus with balloons.
Could you persuade a local taxi firm to fill one of their cabs? The prize being some taxi vouchers etc

A great bit of excitement at the end is when the car is emptied of balloons. Challenge the kids to pop as many as they can. You could even put a lucky golden ticket in one!

If all else fails PJ Leisure will always be there to help, giving professional, friendly and prompt advice giving fantastic value for money

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