Method Statement for all Bouncy Castles and Inflatable slides.

Method Statement – All bouncy castles and inflatable slides.
Upon arrival, the driver will take note of any safety information or displays and adhere to the rules of the site at all times.
The driver will ensure that whilst the vehicle is on a designated carriageway or road surface, the rules of that specific highway are abide by at all times.
Should the vehicle be required to travel on any undesignated areas, such as verges or foot ways, the vehicle will travel at a maximum of 10 miles per hour with the hazard lights flashing at all times. In these specific areas and/or other highly populated areas, the use of a banks person is recommended but not compulsory.
The area will then be inspected for suitability, at which time, the area the inflatable will cover will have removed any large stones or sharp objects removed & disposed of in a sensible & safe manner. The area will then be checked for suitable height & for any obstructions. I.e. cables trees, lights.
The inflatable will then be laid out & unfolded into place, A ground sheet may be used at this point where necessary. The cables will be laid out and connected to electric/ petrol blower/generator as agreed prior to our arrival.
The inflation devise will then be checked, connected & switched on ensuring all vents are unobstructed, bent or twisted. The remaining vents on the inflatable will then be secured.
The unit will now be inflated, ensuring that no one is on or near the inflatable.
Then the various anchor points pegged in place using 12mmx 300mm steel anchor steaks at various points.
NOTE* All anchor points do not require fixing, the fixing of anchor points is dependent elements such as location, usage, wind speed etc & will be determined on site.
When erecting on hard surface, weights or sand bags may be used and dependent on the circumstances a guide rope may be required. This guide rope may be tied to any fixed object i.e. Fence posts & trees.
It is imperative that guests or other persons involved in the event do not encroach on the set up area unless specifically requested to do so.
NOTE* All equipment to be erected as per manufacturers / Health & Safety guidelines & under no circumstances can this be compromised in any way, regardless of aesthetics or the discretion of the venue/ organizers.
Where necessary barrier fencing, rope or tape to be used to cordon areas of especially on public events.
When in use of petrol blowers/ generators Barrier’s & safety fencing may be deemed necessary to seal the area off from access to the general public. Any refills to be carried out to the manufactures recommendations turn the throttle into the stop position fill the tank cautiously using a funnel. Do not over fill. Other points that are to be followed are shown below:
No smoking, naked flames or sparks to be near area
not to be operated by any untrained person.
Make sure the fuel cap is secured firmly on the fuel tank.
Any reserve fuel to be stored in a safe secure well-ventilated area and in an approved container. Petrol blower/ generators are for outdoor use only in well-ventilated areas.
Once the inflatable(s) have been checked over by the event manager or delegated health & safety officer, the event may begin.
Upon completion of the event, the inflatables must be evacuated & an allocated member of staff will ensure that no participants are left on the item whilst deflation is in progress.
Once deflation had completed, all anchor pegs, cables, blowers & generators will be removed from site & placed back into the collection vehicles.
The inflatable will then be folded & rolled in an acceptable manor & transported to the vehicle, either by sack truck or wheel cart. When dealing with larger items, the collection vehicle may be required to drive to individual items for collection. Again, the vehicle will travel at a maximum of 10 miles per hour with the hazard lights flashing at all times. In these specific areas and/or other highly populated areas, the use of a banks person is recommended but not compulsory & the rules of the site will be observed at all time.
The area will then be checked for debris & other accessories, which will be dealt with accordingly.
The delivery vehicle will then depart the site, in a similar manor to that described above, again taking note of any instructions given or signing in place.

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