16 February 17 - Winter Weather Parties!

Winter birthday parties in Worsley, Stretford, Prestwich, Walkden & Salford

Don't let the weather wash your party plans away!

We are used to braving the cold with our English weather, but if you are organising a ​party for your loved one, celebration for your child's birthday or even planning your wedding reception, the last thing you want is for your occasion to leave you feeling cold.

So why not use one of the many indoor venues that are available? ​From hired halls, to community centres ​and social clubs, with so much choice you are bound to find one that suits your needs. We have even created a venues page, listing all of the local venues that we have worked with, so take a look.

All you need now is an inflatable to keep everyone entertained!

1. Yes, its party time with our unisex celebration bouncy castle, decorated with lots of coloured balloons and streamers and suitable for inside or outside parties.

It doesn't just cater for young boys and girls, but for young teens as well. Its a wow for any event keeping all the kids happy and working off their excess energy until they run out of steam.

2. We don't have clowns, but we do have to present to you our circus themed inflatable slide, which is covered in wonderful hand painted circus rides. At an indoor venue, this slide is bound to impress! The sheer height itself will keep everyone talking.

So up the ladder and down the slippery slope - your kids can superslide their way to a great party with this giant commanding inflatable. There's also lots of room for mums and dads to supervise on the covered platform if they wish.

3. You could even laugh in the face of the wintery weather by choosing a Frozen bouncy castle! With those classic characters that are the epitome of winter, you can't go far wrong.

Perfect for any pre-spring sale or Easter event, this castle will be loved by all those little Disney fans out there! You could even combine with one of our other castles to give even more variety.

Plus whether it is a children's or family party, a bouncy castle indoors also allows you to combine it with other party fun, including party games and entertainers. Or a disco could be added to give music to the mayhem so mums, dads and family members can join in with the kids, bopping and singing along.

So if your child’s birthday falls in these winter and early spring months, remember you can still celebrate with some bouncy fun. As whatever the weather, an inflatable is always a great choice and indoor venues give you the peace of mind that you need.

However, if you want to put on the winter woollies and brave the outdoors, then don't worry our modern bouncy castles have an integral shower cover built in to protect your children if the weather suddenly changes!

If you would like to book ​one ​of our inflatables for your winter weather party then you can check the availability and book online using the buttons below. However, you can also contact us using the details below...

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